Not only is 50 Cent at odds with his son, Marquise Jackson, but he’s also warring with his son's mother, Shaniqua Tompkins. After posting a celebratory photo of counting down the days of when he won’t have to pay child support anymore, Tompkins lashed back with an angry post of her own.

In response to 50's post, Tompkins details how she took care of him after he got shot financially and add him as a dependent on her taxes.

"I moved him to my mother's house in PA. He was broke and was stuck in his deal on Sony/Track Masters," she wrote. "His advance was 65K and [Jam Master Jay] took 50K of it + attorney fees. He was left with 5K which couldn't possibly carry him to the year 2004 when he got his deal with Shady/Aftermath."

50 caught wind of Tompkins and replied back, "If you hate me why you dont change your son's name to tompkins. If im the problem why were you crying saying its your fault you didnt let him see his grand parents for 4 years? Im not your enemy you are."

Clearly, these two will be battling it out in the courtroom until 50 is no longer obligated to pay child support.

But the pettiness doesn't stop there.

It looks like 50 Cent has disowned his son, at least according to an Instagram post below. Can we all just get along?

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