It's safe to say that one ArtPrize Artist stands out as the most unique artist in the competition.  Dartagnan Little is a convicted felon who created his entry while behind bars.  "America" was crafted at Baraga Correctional Facility, where Little resides due to an attempted murder and sexual assault conviction in 1987.

Little created his piece under the tutelage of mentor, James Dankovich.  "America" was crafted using mostly soap and toilet paper over several months.  The convict asked for a friend to send him letters on colored construction paper so he could soak the paper in water and remove the dye.  He would then use the dye to color his paper mache made from soap and toilet paper.

Dankovich, Little's mentor, purchased the art piece from Little to save it from destruction.  Dankovich then decided that he would enter the piece into ArtPrize on behalf of Little.  Dankovich told 24 Hour News 8 “He’s worked hard. He’s worked very hard, and I think he’s turned out a very unusual work of art.”

Little's earliest release date is December 17, 2018.

If you would like to see Little's entry, you can find it at Tuscan Liquor, along with several other ArtPrize entries.