Bow Wow has lived the life of a baller ever since he entered the rap game at the tender age of nine. Now at 29 years-old, the rapper-actor is entering a new phase of his life where he just wants to chill and do great work.

In his interview with DJ Vlad, the “Let Me Hold You” rapper reflects on his past grievances with his baby mama and dealing with side chicks, admitting his own shortcomings in relationships. He says that he and his baby mother "don't vibe" but they've managed to successfully co-parent, going as far as to say that they both get along with one another's parents, which helps out a lot.

When asked if he ever kicked it with Kim Kardashian, he remained coy but diplomatically declined to answer because he has so much respect for Kanye West. However, Bow Wow did say that he's in no mood for the shenanigans of side chicks. When women come to his house, Bow Wow takes their cell phones away and makes them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

"We don't want to give Baller Alert [and other gossip blogs] traction," he said. "Because as soon as a girl catch me in the house doing some s--- all they have to do is hashtag Baller Alert and Shade Room and they are going to post it."

And Bow Wow wants no part of it. Bow Wow also revealed that he once suicidal. During the recording of his 2003 album, Unleashed, he said he was in a dark space.

"I was just done," he said. "My boys get on me because I like to sit in the house. My response to that is that 'I've done everything. I've been everywhere.'"

"There's not a girl I ain't smashed, ain't a place I haven't been, ain't a hotel room I haven't stayed in, ain't a car I haven't drove," he continued. "So for me, life is all about making sure everything is operating right because I've done everything."

Watch Bow Wow's full interview with DJ Vlad above.