Shad Moss is at it again, confusing people with his social media shenanigans. This go-around, Bow Wow explained why he's not voting in the upcoming presidential election, explaining that there's "upper powers" that really control everything and he can't rock with that. That's not necessarily a new idea, and it's one that a lot of voting naysayers hold, so whatever. He's also definitely not the first artist this year to say that he's not voting in the presidential election.

But things took a bad turn when the rapper further explained that he wasn't voting because he's "mixed."

When a fan pressed him on his anti-voting stance, stressing the importance of black people voting specifically, Bow Wow said he'd seen Ava DuVernay's award-winning film Selma and that wasn't really his issue because he's not 100 percent black anyway.

"Yeah, I seen Selma," Bow Wow wrote. "Was I related to anyone no. I'm saying my Moss side of the family is NOT BLACK. Heritage different."

He went on to say, "Im mixed. I don't know what my ancestors was doing."

Then he posted a picture of his light-skinned, estranged father, presumably to prove his point? After that, the back-and-forth continued with Bow Wow doubling down on why he's not voting, saying that he voted eight years ago and nothing has changed and he therefore feels "let down." He did, however, say that he'd vote for Kanye West.

Check out Bow Wow's comments below.



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