It's been a chaotic week for Chris Brown. More and more details are emerging about his felony assault arrest, and now, C. Breezy believes the prosecutor from the Rihanna case is out to get him.

According to TMZ, Deputy D.A. Mary Murray played a major role in the decision to have Brown arrested for assault with a deadly weapon on Aug. 30. Murray prosecuted Brown in the Rihanna domestic abuse case back in 2009, and she was also involved in the probation violation hearing that followed, often asking for Brown to be jailed.

Brown was seen speaking with the cops calmly and respectfully outside his home this past week, and the LAPD was planning on letting him be. Then, Murray reportedly pushed for the cops to have Brown arrested. Breezy allegedly believes that Murray has it out for him, plain and simple. In the past, Brown has tweeted that Murray is a racist.

To fully understand, let's take it back to how this all started. The accuser, Baylee Curran, said she was at Chris’ house around 3 a.m. on Tuesday morning when she saw a diamond cross necklace and went to admire it. She says Chris and others in the house started yelling at her, and Brown then allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at her, telling her to get out.

However, several things are fishy about Curran's story. First of all, the Los Angeles Police Department found no firearms at Brown's residence. In addition, Curran's former roommate spoke out, saying that Curran has a history of lying about assault. Finally, Curran might have sent a text message that proves she lied about the entire thing.

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