A few weeks ago The City of Grand Rapids passed a new ordinance allowing recreational bonfires inside the city limits.  Applications for bonfire permits will be available on September 22nd via an online form.  The application fee will be $50, payable to the city, and the permit will last one year if approved.

a link to a brand new FAQ regarding the new bonfire legislation:

Here are a few of the more notable bits information about the ordinance:

  • Annual Permit Cost: $50 with a renewing fee of $10
  • Permits are good for 1 year
  • Neighbors (2 lots in all directions), landlords, and other tenants will be notified, and must approve, of an application for a permit.
  • Minimum 5,000 square foot lot size required
  • Fire must be 20 feet from any structure or combustible material, any lot line, roadway, alleyway, or fence
  • Fire must be 15 feet from any overhead line
  • Burning is allowed between 7 AM and 10 PM

For more information and restrictions, check the city's FAQ.