The city will shell out $24,000 to move the Burger King sign on Pearl Street a few feet. Why? Because someone screwed up thirty years ago.

That makes me wonder what I'm on the hook for. I made A LOT of mistakes thirty years ago.

According to News 8, when the BK was built back in 1985, they used an outdated map of the city and put their sign on city property. In 2014, during construction on Pearl Street, the mistake was caught, and the city of Grand Rapids, because they approved the plan, have to pay for its correction.

The sign will be moved 10 feet from where it stands now, and that will cost 24g's. Why? City spokeman Steve Guitar says the sign messes with the site lines on the newly repaved street.

“We had to resolve the property boundary issue,” Guitar told News 8. “Most people go to court to do that. When you step in a courtroom, it costs you at least $10,000 and the judge usually says go back and mediate it. So I think this is a creative way to do it and it’s beneficial for both parties.”