Trending right now in Grand Rapids a story we talked about in length yesterday. Now, San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick and his employers have both issued a statement. Kaepernick says he has become incensed about the recent treatment of African-Americans and other minorities. He said he wanted to take some time and educate himself about the issues before he showed his own demonstration.

The 49ers say the National Anthem is a special part of their pre-game to celebrate our freedoms. However, in the nutshell, they also respect individual freedoms of expression. So, if you think they are going to release Colin Kaepernick, think again. Now, he has expressed issues with the organization as it pertains to his value to them as a player. So, if they let him go or trade him this season, don't think it's because of this issue.

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- Lee Stephens