A write-in candidate for the position of Bay County Sheriff is a convicted felon who is also a registered sex offender.

Kenneth J. Zolnierek has at least eight felony convictions on his record, according to the Bay County Times. Three of those convictions were sexual in nature.

Zolnierek claims that in at least one of those cases, there was no victim involved. He claims that he was urinating outside of a bar when a woman and her children pulled up and he made a lewd comment.

However, The Bay County Times reports that the two convictions stem from incidents are separate dates nearly two months apart back in 1994.

The third sexual crime Zolnierek was convicted of stems from photos that he took of underage girls, including one in which he was grabbing a 16-year-old's breast.

Zolnierek says he wants to “make the streets safer and people feel more at home so they don’t have to lock their doors.”