Janet Jackson is pregnant, but is this really her first child? Not according to her first husband, who is from Grand Rapids. 

James DeBarge of GR's singing DeBarge Family, says that when he was married to Michael’s little sister in the mid-1980s, she may have given birth to a baby girl that she allegedly gave up for adoption. Even though he’s long suspected it, he says he didn’t have any proof until a young woman claiming to be their child reached out to him.

The DeBarge member said that the woman reached out to him via email and gave him details that only he and Janet would know. She wants a DNA test, but he’s afraid to meet her. And she wants to keep their connection under wraps.

At this point, James said he wishes he’d known about the baby at the time. “I don’t want to live the rest of my life not knowing the truth," he notes. "I just want my child to know I’m her father.” Naturally, Janet’s reps haven’t commented.