Let's raise a toast to Rylee, the plucky Belgian Malinois from Illinois, who found adventure during a recent stay in Northern Michigan.

Is there a triathlon for dogs? Because if you teach Rylee to ride a bike, I'd bet on her.

Rylee was visiting the Frankfort area with her owners, Ed and Kristin Casas when they took her on a boat ride to Manitou Island out in Lake Michigan. On the way out, the boat experienced some electrical trouble and the couple had to call for help. While troubleshooting the problem, they became distracted enough so they didn't notice Rylee go overboard.

"In retrospect I remember her coming out here to see where I was going," said Kristin told UpNorthLive.com. "My poor assumption was that she would go back into the cabin with her dad."

A 'dog overboard' call went out, and soon the Coast Guard and several fishing boats joined in the search for Rylee but to no avail. It looked like the pup was a goner.

A Facebook page titled 'The Lost Dog Search Team', run by a woman near Flint, Lynn Fiedor, picked up the story and put out an All Points Bulletin for Rylee, hoping someone out boating may have seen her.

One boater saw the post and reported he picked up a small dog paddling off shore, and had dropped her off near Empire Beach. Ed and Krisitn immediately searched the beach but failed to find Rylee. Luckily, the Lost Dog Search Team got another hit for a dog fitting Rylee's description sniffing around at a campground near the Platte River. Within 15 minutes of Ed and Kristin's arrival at the campground, Rylee was found and back with her owners.

All told the dog swam six miles to shore, and hiked 12 miles from Empire Beach to the Platte River Campground, a pretty impressive physical display for a little 10 month old dog like Rylee. Now if we can find a bike that fits her, the Reed Lake Triathlon is beckoning.