Downtown Grand Rapids Inc, unveiled 3 preliminary plans as to what renovations at Calder Plaza could look like, Tuesday night.

They presented data from a survey asking residents if they were happy with the current look and design of Calder Plaza.  Out of 2,000 survey answers, only 10% of people like how it looks now.

Some of the changes to be made to the area would be adding more of a grass/park area as well as shade for the different types of events that happen at the plaza.  There was also talk about figuring out how to have a food vendor area on Calder Plaza.  Currently the vendors usually set up along Ottawa Ave, requiring the street to be closed.

After Labor Day, you’ll be able to go online and look at all three plans and vote on what you’d like to see happen with Calder Plaza. The goal is to have a design picked by October.

source: Fox17