Drake shared a really heartfelt, handwritten letter that he wrote to his mom back in 2006 on Instagram, basically thanking her for funding his eBay addiction and promising to pay her back. The then 19 year-old thanked his mom for "temporarily funding my music and wardrobe."

“Dear Mom,” the letter says, “I have cancelled the WireImage subscription due to my Ebay charges coming to more than I had planned for. Please know that you will [be] reimbursed fully through several methods and or means of payment. Thanks for temporarily funding my music and wardrobe.”

In 2006, Drake of course, had yet to release his breakthrough mixtape, So Far Gone and was still most known for wheeling around the set of the Canadian teen drama Degrassi: The Next Generation as the character Jimmy.

Sensitive Drizzy captioned the funny Instagram post with, “eBay was the addiction back in 2006. Def come a long way and it's safe to say I most likely settled this debt.  #NothingWithoutMyMom #IProbablyBoughtSomeEvisuJeans,”

Saying that he "settled his debut" is definitely an understatement, given that his latest album, Views, has yet again returned to the No. 1 spot on the Billboard 200 after being bumped to No. 2 for one week by Blink 182's CaliforniaViews is now the 10th album in the last 20 years to spend 10 weeks at No. 1.

Here's hoping Drake shares more heartfelt letters to his mom on Instagram— they're hilarious.

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