I love to bring you insider radio nuggets of information to better you and the community you serve. Radio is still one of the most powerful mediums today. Until they build a transporter to take you to and from work or school, which Radio will probably be all up in that too, Radio is still tops.

To become a really good radio professional you have to surround yourself with people who have been in the industry and can spare the time to give you knowledge, teach how to do it or give you valuable feedback. Magic 104.9 invites you to take part in this powerful seminar:

ALL ACCESS, DMR/INTERACTIVE and A&R WORLDWIDE announce that "RIA'S RISING STARS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM" is now a 501(c)(3), formed to honor the memory of ALL ACCESS co-founder Ria Denver. It provides deserving broadcast school students the chance to attend the Worldwide Radio Summit 2017 on MAY 3, 4, 5, at the W HOTEL, HOLLYWOOD. Three scholarships were awarded and two of our winners went on to get great jobs in Radio.

Eligibility Requirements:

Anyone at an accredited broadcast school or in college taking on-air or off-air broadcast and/or broadcast-journalism courses can apply. Just send an email to riasrisingstars@allaccess.com with the following information by the MARCH 10th deadline:

Letter of application stating why you should be selected by the RIA'S RISING STARS SCHOLARSHIP committee that should also include a concise overview including:

*Name of school
*Current broadcast and/or broadcast-journalism courses
*Educational focus of your curriculum
*Current GPA
*Letter of reference/recommendation from a current teacher
*Your professional and personal aspirations including community/charity work
*Links to any audio or video -- do not send files, please
*Those selected will fly round trip to WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2017 on MAY 3, 4, 5, at the W HOTEL, HOLLYWOOD, as beneficiaries of RIA's RISING STARS scholarship program with airfare, hotel and registration expenses covered.

Please apply now at riasrisingstars@allaccess.com -- and good luck!

- See more at: http://www.allaccess.com/net-news/archive/story/160144/ria-s-rising-stars-foundation-to-offer-free-schola#sthash.ugw8Uu8D.dpuf