Visiting the Grand Rapids Children's Museum is something that parents and children across West Michigan love to do. There are some children, however, who are simply too overwhelmed to enjoy the things the museum has to offer, and now the museum has developed kits to make those kids more comfortable.

The museum took to Facebook on Monday to announce that the kits will be available to be checked out from their front desk, and that the kids can use them for the duration of their visit to the museum. Some items included in the kit include weighted vests and suspenders and hearing protection.

The museum did a lot of research when purchasing the items for the kits, and also consulted with Fun and Function and the Autism Alliance of Michigan.

Not being a mother at all, or a mother to a child on the spectrum, I consulted my friend Sheli, who has a son on the spectrum, to explain the benefits of these items.

She explained,

Children with autism tend to suffer from sensory processing disorders. What we hear as background noise is at the same volume as everything else. The headphone help drown out that noise and avoid over stimulating the kids. The weighted vest and suspenders helps provide deep pressure to their bodies which helps them focus. The fidget toys keep their hands busy and give them something to do while waiting their turn for an activity.

Honestly I am glad to see they offer the options of a vest or suspenders to meet different needs. (Her son) used to wear headphones at loud events like assemblies at school or fireworks shows. I have only taken them to the Children's Museum for the private event that Autism Family Network hosts because the noise of that many kids would be toooooooo much for them. I would consider going with this available.