You have probably done it at least one time in your life, and you probably don't want to admit it if you have.  Dumpster diving.  It is something most people would frown upon, but one Grand Valley State University student is turning dumpster diving into a activism project.

Matt Smith, a GVSU student, has started to bring awareness to the amount of food that is wasted every single day.  Matt has take to the streets to seek out dumpsters behind grocers, restaurants, and other businesses in search of perfectly good food products that have been tossed.  Matt has found that some stores will throw out older food when they get a new shipment in, despite the food items being within their "best by" dates.

Matt tries to find food that has been unopened and shielded from garbage by being placed in a plastic bag.  He has found over $33,000 worth of food and other merchandise since he started his dumpster diving and hopes to continue finding food.

Matt gives his food to local pantries as well as distributes it on campus for free to help raise awareness about the amount of food that is wasted everyday all across the globe.