If you were planning on taking the easy route and using jars of gravy instead of making it yourself this Thanksgiving, you better check the label on your gravy.

Heinz is recalling jars of pork gravy that were accidentally labeled incorrectly. The jars don't even contain pork gravy, they contain HomeStyle Bistro Au Jus Gravy.

Why is this a big deal other than the fact that they taste different? The product contains milk and soy, but those ingredients aren't listed on the container. This could put people with food allergies or dairy sensitivities at risk.

Luckily, most people probably don't use pork gravy on Thanksgiving, but if you have some in your cupboard, you should probably check it out.

So, check your 12 oz. jars labeled Heinz HomeStyle Gravy Pork with best by date of December 28, 2017 and a manufacturing code of MU6F04 4Q and a time stamp following the code. The jar’s UPC is 013000798907.

If you purchased one of the jars included in the recall, you should be return it to the store where purchased for an exchange or refund.