Grand Rapids is a seemingly affordable place to live, but with housing costs soaring (because demand is high, which isn't necessarily a bad thing) how much of a house can you get if you have a million dollars just burning a hole in your pocket?

Not as much of one as you would think...

I did a quick search on of houses in Grand Rapids starting at the $1 million price point, and there is only one* home currently listed for that exact price.

It's this lovely ranch located on Manhattan Rd. in East Grand Rapids.

The home is sizable enough - just under 2,100 square feet, but I don't know... I was expecting more, I guess.

For your cool mil, you get 3 bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths, a basement (I think), and a garage (I also think. There's one pictured, but the listing doesn't tell us anything about the garage.) You also get a spiral staircase, which is pretty awesome.

When you start looking at the house, though, you start to wonder what justifies the price point...

It's old. The house was built in the early '70s and doesn't seem like it's been updated since. The cabinets? Old. The wallpaper and wood panelling? Old. The fireplaces located in the corners of a couple of rooms? Old. Though it does seem like some things were updated (the refrigerator looks new, and the countertops might have been redone), everything else screams "1971".

It's also interesting to note that this house went on the market back in February for $2.8 million, was taken off the market, and then was put back up for $1 million in August. It's last assessed value, according to was $584,400.

So, what's the deal with this house? Is it just a person who doesn't really care if they sell it, so they figured they'd just put it up for $1 million to see if they could get it? I mean, it could be a really awesome house with a little updating.

*Technically, there are four other houses, but they're the new ones on the Belknap lookout that haven't been built yet.