I got to thinking more and more about this May Article from People Magazine. At first I was gonna be like bump it! It was just cool to hear a good update on Janet's pregnancy. But, then one quote just coming up in my mind. This is from People Magazine on 5/13/16:

“She’ll be a great mother because she is very tough, very strict,” Jermaine said, noting that Jackson is “feeling fine” and “loves to eat.”

Jermaine, do you mean to tell me that Janet is the child that caught every lesson of child raising from father Joe Jackson? What do you think Grand Rapids? Do you think he's saying she will be a harsh disciplinarian or is this just what we do as parents? What's your definition of discipline in your household?

Holla at me?

Quote courtesy of People Magazine: http://celebritybabies.people.com/2016/05/13/jermaine-jackson-janet-jackson-baby-pregnant-great-mother/