Janelle Monae is dropping in with a new song, "Hum Along & Dance (Gotta Get Down)" -- her track for the forthcoming Netflix series, The Get Down.

Miguel dropped "Cadillac" last week for the series' soundtrack and now Monae phoned in to Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 show to share her tune. The song is inspired by the Motown song "Hum Along & Dance," popularized by the Jackson 5.

But before they got into the song, Monae revealed how Nas, who's co-producing the series alongside Grandmaster Flash, brought her onboard to record for the soundtrack.

Apparently the two have been planning to work on something together for awhile but never got the chance to do it. But when Nas got the gig for The Get Down, he almost immediately called up Monae for a collab. And Monae was down. In the interview, she says that she was "blown away" by the trailer for the series. She also called Nas' ability to mix hip-hop into classic tunes as "unique and so special."

That's something that she "wanted to be a part of" by "telling our story, making sure you have the true pioneers," she said.

Monae, who's also featured in an episode of the upcoming series, added that although the show is set in the 1970s, it's a "universal story" that she thinks "people can relate to."

Jaden Smith, Raury, Miguel, ZAYN, Malay and Christina Aguilera are also slated to appear on the soundtrack.

The Get Down soundtrack arrives on Aug. 12 -- the same day that the show will be available to stream on Netflix. Check out Monae's interview and new song below.

Listen to Janelle Monae's "Hum Along & Dance (Gotta Get Down)"