With July 4th upon us, animal experts are reminding us that fireworks are for people, not for pets.

Animal protection advocate Jane Hoffman of the Alliance for NYC's Animals says fireworks displays can traumatize pets, so leave them home. She suggests keeping your pets indoors during fireworks with windows or drapes closed and the TV or radio on to reduce the noise.

She also says if you don't mind skipping the light show, stay home with your pets so they'll have your calming presence there.

Other tips for your pet’s safety include:

  • Pet identification. Have your fur baby microchipped or tagged as this is the holiday with the most reports of missing pets.
  • No flames for your pets. Most pets love the smell of grilling food. When you’re cooking outdoors, keep your four-legged family members away from the flames.
  • Avoid alcohol. While you can drink responsibly this holiday, pets cannot. Alcohol can make them disoriented or sick.