Less than three days after suffering an in-flight seizure and less than two days after being released from the hospital, Lil Wayne appears to have returned to his high-spirited self as a video of the rapper has been posted to YouTube showing him skating around Michigan's Transitions Skatepark. Just as well, Wayne is playing unreleased music, though the audio quality makes it difficult to pinpoint anything specific about the track other than a main melody line and Wayne's auto-tuned voice.

Considering Wayne's history with seizures and drinking lean, this recent scare was especially alarming, but the rapper seems to have bounced back from it, as he was spotted performing at the E3 video game conference just a day after being released from the hospital.

The above video appears to have been taken by Evan Hernandez, a professional skate boarder signed to Wayne’s Young Money imprint. Hernandez last filmed Wayne in a Milwaukee night club this past Sunday night (June 12) before the seizures occurred. Wayne was looking gleeful, likewise playing unreleased music that included the line "free The Carter 5" in reference to the album that Birdman is allegedly keeping Wayne from dropping.

Continued support is extended Wayne's way as he recovers from the recent health scare. Check the skate footage up top, which isn't anything too groundbreaking, just Weezy back to his daily grind.

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