A Meijer Christmas ad that was released last month has made several lists as one of the best Christmas ads of the season.

Entitled 'Do You See What I See?', the advertisement, which has run regionally on television, and has also gone viral on the internet, features several children who are enthralled with a man in their hometown who looks exactly like Santa Claus.

The ad was AdWeek magazine's 'Ad Of The Week' on Decmeber 1. They called the ad 'subtle', and says it's what between the lines that counts.

"The perspective of a child welcomes the improbable without effort—something grownups may miss in their attempts to contrive magic with their bare hands. At its heart, "Do You See What I See?" is a call for us—not them—to open our eyes."

It also made FastCoCreate's list of the best Christmas ads of the year saying, "It’s a reminder of the beauty, wonder, and magic made possible by the simple act of believing. Something we were all once capable of doing—in the simplest, purest, most hopeful versions of ourselves—as little children. And something we can all probably use a healthy dose of today."

The ad was also on Washington DC radio station WTOP's Best Christmas Ad List, and The CW's annual best of list.

The Meijer ad was produced by the Chicago ad agency The Distillery Project. 

So get ready to mist up a little as the magic of Santa takes you back to when you and everybody you knew believed wholeheartedly in the joy of Christmas.