Having grown up in the midst of the of Bo vs. Woody duel, I know that Michigan and Ohio State fans agree on as much as Hillary and Trump fans do.

And Saturday's controversial fourth down call that decided the second overtime of that rivalry is no exception. 

Both sides are overanalyzing every possible angle of the call which gave OSU a first down at Michigan's 15 yard line, to the point it's become to fans what the Zapruder film was to conspiracy theorists following the JFK assassination: a way to prove their point of view.

Where do we start?

Some guy named Creeper VanDude (really?) says the answer lies in the shadows.

This Buckeye posting claims the ball's over the line, even though the first photo doesn't clearly show the footbal, and the second photo doesn't show the line. But then again, Logic 101 isn't a well attended class in Columbus.

I don't think anyone will ever agree to the decision, but all the back and forth proves that the final replay was way too close to reverse the call on the field.

It's a tough pill for Wolverine fans to swallow, especially since the best way to win is not to fumble the ball away at the other team's one yard line. And no one can has a harder time dealing with it than M Coach Jim Harbaugh.