Well, you don't have to be a brain surgeon to know a lot of money each year for car insurance. But, did you know Michiganders pay over two times the national average, and nearly $500 more than second place?!?

I got to thinking when I read the story Michigan Drivers Rated 4th Best in U.S. that well, it's probably because everybody drives carefully so you don't have to worry about your insurance premiums going up.

That lead me to google to see just how much do we pay compared to the rest of the nation. Answer: more. We pay more than the rest of the nation.

At least according to website insure.com.

The national average as of March of 2016 is $1325. Here's the breakdown of the top 5.

Sweet mother!

Insure.com goes on to say "Michigan has been in the No. 1 or No. 2 spot for the six years that Insure.com has commissioned the annual report." Fantastic. At least we're consistent, right?

I mean, I'm no stranger to paying a lot for insurance, as I'm from Louisiana that's number 4 on the list. However, that's a difference of just about $1,000!

My goodness.

Insurance is such a racket. You're required by law to give a company a chunk of money every 6 months, just in case you are involved in an accident. Then (not 'if' but) when  you are, odds are your rate will go up so you have to give them more money.

No offense intended to insurance agents. My uncle was an agent. It's a tough business as there is so much competition.