The Michigan State Police have issued a new warning about a scam that may sound familiar, but now it has a new twist.

The scam is generally referred to as the "IRS scam". With that scam, people receive a call from someone who says that they are with the IRS and that you owe back taxes. They then demand that you pay them immediately.

That version of the scam has been around for quite some time, and people have become aware of it, so the scammers have changed it up a bit.

With the new version of the scam, the scammers have somehow changed what shows up on the caller I.D. when they call. Instead of it displaying their number, it displays the number for the Flint Post of the Michigan State Police.

MSP have received several complains from people who have received the calls, but luckily none of them have fallen for the scam.

The Michigan State Police stress that they will not call you to ask you for money for any reason.