Nick Cannon has eyes for another beautiful R&B singer and her name is Rihanna. On Friday (Oct. 28), the rapper-actor went on his Instagram page and posted a video of him in the studio putting down a verse to his remix version of RiRi’s song, “Sex With Me.”

Cannon’s track, retitled “Sex With Me Is Ncredible,” features the multi-hyphenated star yearing for the Barbados beauty and promising her guaranteed satisfaction in the bedroom.

"I'ma do you like a Drake record / Work it over," he raps, adding, "We can f--- in the club or in my Suburban / Have you walkin' around butt naked wearin' my turban / Have you screamin' so loud, they swear you were a virgin."

Oh behave, Nick.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't wonder what Chilli thought about Cannon pining over Rihanna. According to the gossip blogs, Cannon and Chilli are reportedly dating. However, we must mention that Cannon nor Chilli have officially confirm that they are a couple. But judging by their steamy video for “If I Was Your Man” something definitely happened between them.

In an interview with TMZ, Cannon was very candid when asked if he would ever get married again. Although he believes in the sanctity of marriage, the entertainer feels he’s not the marrying type.

“I don’t like doing stuff that I’m not good at,” he said. “I understand why people do it, it’s a beautiful thing. I just suck at it.”

Speaking of sucking, check out Cannon's song to Rihanna below.

Listen to Nick Cannon's Remix of Rihanna "Sex With Me" Remix