The first annual ArtPrize Preview Week begins Wednesday, Sept. 14 and runs through Tuesday, Sept. 20. Over 30 venues are participating and giving fans an early look at this year's ArtPrize entries.

The week before ArtPrize has always been filled with receptions, exhibition openings and other events. Preview Week brings a bit more structure to those events and aims to bring bigger crowds downtown early to explore this year's entries.

With 1,453 entries, there is never enough time to see all of ArtPrize. The extra week will help fans see more and have more chances to engage with artists. Many artists are only in town at the beginning of ArtPrize to install work, then at the end to take down their entry. Preview Week brings more chances to meet the artists, ask questions and give feedback.

Venues are not required to offer free admission during Preview Week. Venues may charge regular admission. They may also offer perks to artists, sponsors, members, and volunteers.

Venues participating in ArtPrize Preview Week include: