With all the negativity surrounding police lately, I’m really enjoying finding these types of stories.  The majority of officers are good people, doing a very dangerous job, so we can continue to go catch Pokémon (or whatever it is you enjoy doing while feeling protected.)

The other night in Sparta, Officer Kremers pulled this young man, Devin Dines, over for going the wrong way down a wrong way street.  Devin wasn’t sure he had broken the law and believed that he was in the right because the area he was driving was actually a two way street.  After a few moments of respectful debate, the Devin believed Officer Kremers had proved him wrong, so he apologized and was let go with a warning.

But Officer Kremers wasn’t so sure she was right, and after further investigation realized she was the one who had made the mistake.  Instead of just going on with her night, she decided to track Devin down.  After stopping by his house to find he wasn’t home, she continued to look for him around town and finally found him.

She finally finds me and says "you were right it was a two way, so I hunted you down to say I'm sorry" I laughed as my heart was racing wondering why I was getting pulled over and said "I appreciate your apology" I asked her to take this picture with me to post to Facebook, just to prove to all people that say "I hate cops" and criticize them that this cop is human just like the rest of them they just do their jobs, on the other hand this one happens to be the coolest one I have ever had a run in with.

Such a cool story.  You’re an awesome officer, Officer Kremers! Stay safe and keep up the good work!!

Thanks for sharing this Devin!