A Michigan couple is about to take Nintendo, the developers of Pokemon GO that is taking the world by storm, to court. The Dodich family of St. Clair Shores (Detroit Suburb) claim that Pokemon GO has ruined their quality life. They cite that players are trampling on their lawn, looking into their windows and even getting mad and cussing at the Dodichs on their own property.

You know me, you might to get more than you bargain for stepping on someone's property. But, according to our friends at WZZM.COM, the Dodich family has decided to go the legal route and is suing the video game giant and Niantic, the other developer, in Federal Court. The family claims that the virtual stops are showing up on private property and they are doing this without prior permission from real property owners.

The lawsuit seeks to stop the game from using private property for GPS coordinates and pay homeowners affected by similar cases.

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