Russell Simmons says he'll offer NFL linebacker Brandon Marshall an endorsement deal, shortly after two different companies severed ties with him.

According to ESPN, both the Air Academy Federal Credit Union and CentruryLink decided not to partner with the Denver Bronco, after he followed Colin Kaepernick's lead of protesting the National Anthem due to race problems in the U.S.

After hearing the news, Uncle Russ said he and his team would locate the Nevada native and give him a chance to earn back some of his lost income. "Which other company is supporting Brandon? Simmons asked on social media. "RushCard is in. We will find Brandon and make him an offer and make him a deal."

The 6'4" NFL star was actually the first player after Kaepernick to protest the "Star-Spangled Banner" by taking a knee before a game between the Broncos and the Carolina Panthers last week, which he talked about.

"I feel strongly about it," said Marshall in a recent post-practice interview. "I just lost another endorsement today ... Once again, I'm still doing what I believe in. It's not going to make me lose any sleep. I'm still going to play football, but at the same time do what I believe in."

"I'm definitely with Kaepernick as far as some police laws that could be changed," he added. "I just heard that the Mayor of Denver is pledging to increase police training and to make the police exam harder. It's just different things like that and not just police."

There's no word yet whether Marshall is interested in Simmons' offer or not, nor have any specifics of the deal surfaced.

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