'Polar Vortex' or just plain 'freaking cold', whatever you want to call it, it was a frigid weekend in Michigan, especially along Lake Michigan, where the high winds rip through you like a knife.

A couple of videographers caught footage of the frozen lighthouse at the harbor in St. Joseph, where the north winds were particularly cruel this weekend. 

Depending on who you talk to, the lighthouse now either looks like the castle from the Disney hit film, 'Frozen', or something straight out of Narnia. 

It's a beautiful sight to me, but one best observed from the comfort of your computer. Those winds look nasty. I'm kind of surprised the drone in the first video could get and stay up. (I set you up for a joke there.)

First up is this video from Great Lakes Drone giving you an aerial view.

Up next are a couple of Facebook videos posted by photographer Joshua Nowicki featuring the structure from across the channel, and also in the process of getting iced by gale force waves. The first one is almost so surreal it doesn't appear to be real.