The list of the ten Kent County intersections responsible for the most crashes in 2015 is out, and once again 28th Street leads the way with five of them.

Keep that in mind as you rush your left turn while texting on your phone.

The list, put out annually by the Michigan Auto Law Center, using statistics from the Michgian State Police Crash Reporting Unit, looks at total accidents and injury accidents on Grand Rapids area roadways.

Five 28th Street intersections remian near the top of the list, but a new number one emerged this year, the Wealthy Street exit off US 131. Michigan Auto Law sums it up this way:

When adding up all crashes, not only where Wealthy Street goes over the highway but also the entrance and exit ramps, there were a total of 69 auto accidents last year. This interchange also had the most injury accidents in the county last year, with 26 crashes.

Top 10 Kent County intersections with the most reported automobile accidents in 2015:

10. 44th Street and Clyde Park Ave SW: 51 total crashes.

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9. I-196 (Ford Freeway) and US 131: 52 total crashes

With its tight merge areas and high volume during rush hours, this is a tough exit, especially when you're trying to do that four lane crossover trying to make the Pearl Street exit on 131 after exiting from 196 southbound. People who try that should be shot.

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8. 28th Street SE and Kalamazoo St. SE: 53 total crashes

Even the effort to relieve traffic by providing a side exit out of the Meijer at this intersection provides little relief.

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7. East Beltline NE and I-96: 54 total crashes.

The only thing worse than this intersection is trying to find parking at Gravity during Friday Happy Hour.

6. 28th Street SE and Broadmoor/Beltline: 57 total crashes.

I'm surprised this intersection isn't higher on the list. I always dodge it by using Lake Eastbrook Drive to get to 28th.

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5. 28th Street SE and East Paris SE: 58 total crashes

People probably let their gurard down after getting past the Beltline and find out this intersection is just as tricky during rush hour.

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4. 28th Street SE and Eastern Ave. SE: 58 total crashes.

A lethal combination of a CVS Pharmacy and a Dollar Tree Store makes this a white knuckler as people are flying out of drive ways right and left.

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3. 28th Street SE and Breton St. SE: 61 total crashes.

Once again, losts of driveways, not a whole lot of paying attention.

2. US 131 and Burton Street SW: 66 total crashes

It's that tight westbound exit that causes most of the problems, isn't it?

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1. US 131 and Wealthy Street SW: 69 total crashes.

The S Curve, combined with traffic trying to get off on both surface streets and the up coming I-196 interchange makes this the most treacherous.

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