Grand Rapids native and Reed City teacher, Megan Ruestman, awoke to a troubling sight on Monday morning.  Rusteman awoke to discover that her car was missing from in front of her house.  Having your car stolen is a horrible situation to be in, but what makes matters worse is that Ruestman had hundreds of dollars worth of school supplies for her students in the trunk!

Public schools have been underfunded for years and teachers have begun to purchase school supplies for their students with their own money.  So now, in addition to having to find a new way to get to work, Ruestman is out a few hundred dollars worth of supplies for her students.

According to an interview with Wood TV 8, Ruestman had this to say to the thief: “That he was stealing from very well-deserving children, aside from myself. I’m an adult, I can handle myself, but he took, he or she or whoever, took things from my kids that they would have really enjoyed.”

Megan Ruestman drives a Red Impala with a red Grand Valley State University parking sticker in the front windshield.  If you have information in this case is asked to contact the Grand Rapids Police Department.