Kendra Childs, a 19-year-old mother-of-one was shot-and-killed inside of her home in Houston, Texas on Tuesday (Sept. 13).

And it seems that the tragedy might have happened over a man. After some online detective work, tweeters think they have a likely culprit for the crime -- Child's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend, though that has not yet been substantiated by authorities.

The ex, who goes by the name linglingbaby or @___ladykocaine on Twitter, has been tweeting some suspicious messages for the past few months. Back in August, she tweeted, “Nothing makes me mad about a b---- saying she was with my n---- or whatever cause like I tell him...the hoe won’t be around too long.”

But that's not all. It seems that she's been tweeting like for awhile. In July, she tweeted, “My plan is to plot for a year...And I’m gone kill them people. [I don’t give a f---] if the [police] see this.”

Then the day before the incident: “Praying everything goes good tmrw but I just know it will.”

It's still unknown whether or not it was linglingbaby but the police are reportedly already looking into it after receiving numerous calls.

“We’re aware of it and we’ve gotten multiple calls,” said Victor Sentries, public affairs spokesman to International Business Times in a phone interview. “We take any lead and will investigate it to check on its credibility.” Sentries also shared that it is "currently an ongoing investigation."

The shots were fired from a black Camaro outside of Childs' apartment complex. It was one day before Childs' 20th birthday. Her daughter is two. #RIPKendra