Tyrese Gibson has been recently cast in what could be the biggest TV Role of his life, since he landed a new role in Lee Daniels' upcoming Fox series Star.

Gibson will be taking on the character of Pastor Bobby Harris and be Queen Latifah's love interest, who's also on the show. In addition, he'll be playing a man who's recently turned his life over to God and trying to get Latifah to do the same thing.

Meanwhile, the legendary New Jersey rapper will be playing the role of Carlotta, a guardian of sorts to the three young women who star in the show. The three leads happen to be in a singing group, and the series will follow their dealings in the music industry as they chase stardom.

Obviously, Fox executives hope that Daniels can catch lightning in a bottle twice and duplicate the success of his first show Empire, which has completely changed the face of television.

After the news surfaced about Gibson's new role, he took to Instagram to give thanks and appreciation and said he was truly humbled. "To God be all the glory for the things he continues to do," wrote the 37-year-old above a photo of himself dressed like as preacher.

He also shared a pic of himself hugging Queen Latifah when the show finished filming its very first week.

"#ItsaWrap on our first week of filming," wrote the Black Rose singer. "#QueenLatifah embracing her King. I was nervous and anxious, and you and Lee created a sincere welcome into your world that made everything better ... Honored and humbled and very grateful. Here we go."

Other people on the show include Lenny Kravitz, who will reportedly be a guest star, and Naomi Campbell, who will be playing the mother of one of the singers.

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