Niecola Roberts is retracting her previous accusations against Brandon Casey of Jagged EdgeAs was previously reported, Roberts accused Casey, her neighbor, when a fight erupted in her driveway after someone in Casey’s house reportedly got upset about her son skateboarding. The person allegedly thought Roberts' child was on Casey’s property, and TMZ reported that Roberts said that several people physically attacked her and she filed a restraining order against Casey.

In a document dated October 3 that was sent to TMZ, it is stated that the previous statements regarding Mr. Casey, his brother Brian Casey, and Jagged Edge have been retracted by Roberts.

"Upon further review and investigation, it has become apparent that the individuals who have harassed me and my family are not Brandon and Brian Casey, and are in no way affiliated with the group Jagged Edge," reads the statement, signed by Niecola Roberts. "I have contacted Jagged Edge's counsel, through my attorney, and have offered my apologies to both Brandon and Brian. As such, all comments regarding Jagged Edge and its members made by me are hereby retracted.

Roberts also states that the matter against Brandon Casey was dismissed with prejudice and the matter will be refiled with no further mention of Casey, his brother or Jagged Edge.


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