Perhaps you used it as a landmark to figure out which entrance you came in, or maybe you and your friends hung out near it when you were teenagers.

Either way, you remembered the big circular sculpture that adorned the center of the Woodland Mall. It was taken out of the Mall on Sunday, destined for an unknown location downtown.

Installed and commissioned by the Taubman Comapany, the mall's developers, the sculpture, officially titled 'Split-O' was made by famed sculptor Clement Meadmore, and is one of at least three he made. Another on is displayed in downtown Portland, OR. 

A third one sold at auction in 2008 in Melbourne, Australia, fetching a cool $81,000 in Australian dollars.


The sculpture was removed after hours on Sunday and will be placed somewhere downtown, according to a Reddit reader. Neither the Woodland Mall or its current owner, the Pennsylvania Real Estate trust has commented about its removal.

The reaction on Reddit was swift and nostalgiac, as many remembered their days of hanging out at the mall, located on 28th Street near the East Beltline. Among the comments posted:

I go to the mall maybe twice a year and pretty much hate it, but I've always enjoyed walking past this thing. Bummed that it's gone. Curious about what sort of crap will take its place.


It was the most interesting part of Woodland mall!


That's sad. It's kind of an iconic sculpture to us old mall rats from the 80s. For a moment I actually looked to see if Hudson's was still behind it.


Was this the sculpture on a base with faux, backlit mini-waterfalls surrounding it in the early 90s? Or was that a different piece?


Yup! I totally forgot about that!


NOOOO How will I quickly know which branch of the mall is which???

The sculpture had graced the Mall since 1970. No word on whether another kiosk will pop up in its place.