With our mandate by Michigan's Governor Gretchen Whitmer, are you looking for things to do to keep yourself from getting bored? We can help with ten suggestions.


  • 1

    Relax and Listen to the Radio

  • 2

    Read a Good Book

    I have always said that I just don’t have enough time to sit down with a good book. Well, now I do. While the libraries are closed, there are several ways to find books to read -- whether online or by asking friends or family for some of their books. Maybe they can drop it off on your porch while on their way to the grocery store.

  • 3

    Organize that Closet

    My closet is a mess. How many of us have clothes in our closets that we haven’t worn in a long time -- and will probably never wear again. It’s time to get those clothes out of the closet and set aside to donate once the different organizations open back up for donations.

  • 4

    Clean the Garage

    If you live in a house, you know how the garage can become a big “catch all” for things. If you don’t know where to put something...it usually ends up in the garage. Now is a great time to organize and clean out the garage.

  • 5

    Get the Yard Ready for Summer

    We should all have some of the best looking yards around this year! We have plenty of time to get out there to rake up any remaining leaves, prune the trees and shrubs, and pick up any twigs and branches that may have fallen over the winter.

  • 6

    Connect with Friends and Family

    With our busy lives, we sometimes lose touch with our friends and family. Now would be a great time to reach out to them. They could probably use the conversation about now! If you both have a way to video conference, that would be even better!

  • 7

    Organize Your Pictures

    My smartphone is full of pictures I have taken. From time to time I will move some of them to my computer. I rarely take the time to rename them or file them according to event or by people. So many times I go to try to find a picture and I have to search through so many before I find the one I’m looking for. Take the time now to organize those photos. It’s also a good time to back them up as well. Make sure you don’t have them just in one spot in case something happens to that device.

  • 8

    Update Your Contact List in Your Phone

    When we get a new smartphone, most of us just transfer over all our contacts. I have been doing that for years. I have names and phone numbers of people that have passed away still in my phone. It’s time to clean out all the people you don’t need to have in your contact list anymore. I have contacts that go back to the early 90s in my phone that just have to be deleted. Now is the time!

  • 9

    Clean Out Your Email

    OK, look at your phone. How many emails do you have on it? Do you really need all those? We all are guilty of keeping emails that we will “get back to later” and then we never do. Take the time now to clean out all of those emails that are days, weeks, months, maybe even years old!

  • 10

    Cyber Gatherings

    I know a lot of us still want to have some contact with others. Fortunately with technology today we can do cyber gatherings. Do a video chat with your friends or family. There are many stories of people putting together video “Happy Hours” with all of their friends. Grab a drink and fire up the video chat!

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