The big day is happening tomorrow!

The 2024 NFL Draft is going down in Motor City.

Detroit Sports Commission
Detroit Sports Commission

Before you head to Detroit this weekend, here are a few things to do and not do in the city during the NFL Draft weekend.

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The 2024 NFL Draft Guide For Detroit Dos And Donts

TikTok user, Westside Kharri, shared a few things you should do and should not do while people are in Detroit this weekend.

Westside Kharri on TikTok
Westside Kharri on TikTok

Honestly, I feel like these are super important!

1. Stay downtown!

Kharri was extremely adamant about this one. This is not the time to live your "Eminem 8 Mile dreams."

The city is not the safest and they will spot an outsider quickly. Stay vigilant.

He also shared that if you are driving up Woodward Ave and the street signs go from green to blue, you have gone entirely too far.

2. Detroit has three casinos. Which is the best?

In the city, there are three casinos:

  • Motor City Casino. Motor City Casino.
  • Hollywood Casino at Greektown. Hollywood Casino at Greektown.
  • MGM Casino. MGM Grand - Detroit
Westside Kharri on TikTok
Westside Kharri on TikTok

Khari recommends staying away from the MGM. "It's something in the air and it's turning people violent."

3. Be respectful to the local community.

This should be a given!

We know that you are coming for a great time at a massive event but that does not mean that you need to disrespect the people who live in Detroit.

Westside Kharri on TikTok
Westside Kharri on TikTok

As Kharri stated, "We are very respectful people when respect is given to us. So as the old saying goes, treat people as you would want to be treated."

4. Erase whatever you heard through the media about Detroit

In the TikTok video, Kharri expresses that you should not just come to think that Detroit is a crime-infested city.

Detroit is SO much more than that! It is one of my favorite cities filled with some of my favorite people in the world.

Like any metro area, there will be crime but there is more to Detroit if you give it a genuine chance.

Besides Kharri's thoughts, there are plenty of recommendations waiting in the comments of his TikTok video, which you can view below.

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