Thousands will enjoy Grand Rapids-area fish fries on Fridays through Lent. Most fish fries include fried fish, cole slaw, rolls and baked potatoes or french fries.

Take a closer look and you'll find non-tradition fish options, special family pricing, kids menu items and even a drive-thru.

Take a look at the unique items below and get more information with our 2017 Guide to Grand Rapids Fish Fries.

  • Steve Frost, ThinkStock
    Steve Frost, ThinkStock

    Unique Menu Items: Non-Traditional Fish, Tacos, More

    Many fish fries offer one type of fried fish. Cod is the most frequently found option. Perch is also popular. This fish fry season there are a few new options as St. Jude and West Catholic are both trying new menu items this year.

    St. Jude's menu is completely revamped and it includes haddock, baked sea bass and mahi-mahi.

    West Catholic added baked salmon to their menu this year. They also have fish tacos.

    Holy Family in Sparta has sweet potato fries.

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    steve everts, ThinkStock


    Want fish but don't want to get out of your car? West Catholic has you covered with a new drive-thru. Dine-in and take-out are also available.

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    Andresr, ThinkStock

    Family Pricing

    Fish fries are delicious, but they can get costly if you're bringing a big family. Adult prices are usually $8 - $10 with kids over 5 costing around $5 - $6. You'll find some fish fries are offering special family pricing for parents with kids.

    Holy Family in Sparta has a maximum rate of $24 for families.

    St. Michael's in Coopersville has a maximum charge of $25 for parents with kids.

    St. Mary's in Lowell has a maximum of $25 for families.

    St. Jude's family plan is a maximum of $25 per family for parents with kids under 18.

  • SerrNovik, ThinkStock
    SerrNovik, ThinkStock

    Kids Menu Items

    Kids can be picky eaters and picky eaters don't always like fish. I know when we go to a fish fry my kids almost always order from the non-fish items. Many offer mac and cheese as a side or an option for kids. Here are more choices for kids this year.

    St. Alphonsus and St. Michael's have grilled cheese.

    St. Jude and West Catholic offer cheese pizza.

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