Yes, that is a screenshot of Mr. Rogers flipping off some children.  Why is he doing that?  No, it's not because someone made fun of his sweater, it's because he is singing a very popular song from about 50 years ago known as "Where is Tallman?"  It turns out that Tallman is just your middle finger and you're supposed to make it dance or something.

When I came across this video, I knew I had to something with it.  So, being a father, I just let my daughter go nuts on Youtube and I copied the links to the songs I found weird or creepy.  Here are my top five from my daughter and I's adventures.

  • 1

    Where Is Tallman?

    Have you ever wanted to see Mr. Rogers flip off a bunch of kids?  Well, all you have to do is search for the "Where Is Tallman" song and boom.  There you go.  I can see why people don't sing this song anymore.

  • 2

    The Finger Family Song

    According to a listener, "The Finger Family" song is the spiritual successor to "Where Is Tallman".  I guess that since kids still like songs about fingers, and the previous one ended up using inappropriate hand gestures, another song had to take its place.  Some people might think that this song is perfectly fine, but something about "daddy fingers" and "mommy fingers" just kinda creeps us out.

  • 3

    Beaver Call with Dr. Jean

    OK, this song is perfectly innocent unless you decide

  • 4

    Ding Dong Bell, Pussys In The Well

    Really?  This is a song about a boy who keeps trying to drown a cat in a well?  And as an added bonus they choose to refer to the cat as "pussy"?  This is a British song, so maybe it's not as creepy over there, but I just think this song is wrong on so many levels.  Stop trying to drown the cat!

  • 5

    Seriously?  Is this the 1940s?  This song is creepy in how the whole thing is presented.  This kid, named Billy, likes a girl but that isn't good enough for the singer in the song.  Oh no, Billy's girl has to be a good housewife or it's just not worth it.  And what's with the whole asking her age at the end?  Billy doesn't even give a straight answer, he just does some math problems and then says she's a young thing.  Creepy.

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