There is a lot of anticipation building around the Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor fight, but it might be 50 Cent who we have to thank for it even going down in the first place. The "9 Shots" rapper was a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week, where he spoke about his friendship with Floyd, mentioning that he was the one who helped make the upcoming fight happen.

Kimmel starts off by mentioning the anticipated match to Fifty, where the two make some jokes about the skills of the two boxers.

"I thought it was a good fight from the beginning. I think you cannot give that level of can't not give them the punches chance." 50 Cent explains. "You know, anybody can land a shot, and just change everything. Hit you, you start seeing three people. Like which one of you motherfuckers did that."

The Animal Ambition MC then says that he helped put the fight together, and was the one who convinced Dana White to get his close friend and McGregor to step into the ring.

"I actually ran into Dana [White] when they were putting the fight together, and I told 'em go after it. I spoke to Floyd and he felt better about it," 50 details.

When Kimmel proceeded to ask the rapper if he made the fight happen, Fifty replied, "Yea." He then claimed that he didn't a cut from helping to make the fight come together, but he joked that he's "going to get something."

50 was hoping for a Mayweather win before, but he probably wants it even more now, as McGregor was heard calling the rapper "a bitch" during a New York press conference this week.

Kimmel then shows a photo of the Queens native and Mayweather holding up money phones to their ears. The images comes from a photo shoot for XXL's 2011 cover story featuring the pair. The host remarks that Fifty and Floyd "started" the money phone trend, which has become widely popular on social media since then. JAY-Z even referenced the trend's popularity on his 4:44 album, taking a bit of a jab at the sensation.

One of the highlights of the rapper's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! comes during a hilarious man-on-the-street segment, which features the rapper sneaking up behind people who call him washed, or disagree with him being the "greatest rapper ever."

Also during his interview on the talk show, 50 speaks on his desire for Power, which he executive produces, to beat out Game of Thrones as far as television ratings. He also talks about initially getting signed by Eminem when he was first starting out his career.

Watch 50 Cent's appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in the videos below.

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