What started off as a weird story just got weirder.

Oak Park, a metro Detroit town, made news earlier this week for putting a ban on clown costumes at their annual Boo Bash celebration. According to the Oakland County Times, the decision was made by the Rec Director citing that not only do people have phobias from clowns but over the past few years they have become scarier and more evil-looking aka Pennywise from the movie It.

As someone who's even scared of Ronald McDonald, this sounds totally legit. BUT it didn't sit too well with Oak Park residents because after receiving a bunch of complaints the city decided to reverse the ban. A press release was issued on their Facebook page. Instead, parents are asked to use their "better judgment" when it comes to their kids' costumes.

Why do I have a feeling that the majority of party-goers are going to show up in clown costumes just to stick it to the city? If you ask me, the clown ban should be enacted everywhere.

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