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And just like that, Aaliyah's greatest hits compilation has been pulled from iTunes and Apple Music.

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Answering one of the loudest and most resounding calls from music fans everywhere comes this piece of exciting news: Aaliyah's greatest hits are now available for digital download through iTunes and streaming through Apple Music.

Ultimate, which was initially released in May of 2005, less than four years after the singer's untimely passing, had previously only existed in hard copy format. In fact, the absence of Aaliyah's music across the Internet was the subject of a recent investigation and article.

But now, R&B obsessives can purchase any of Aaliyah's 25 biggest songs, including "Are You That Somebody" and "Rock the Boat." Other Aaliyah releases such as One in a Million and her self-titled album remain absent from the digital marketplace. Age Ain't Nothing But A Number, meanwhile, her 1994 debut, is available on iTunes and streaming services such as Spotify. The singer's uncle, Barry Hankerson, owns the majority of Aaliyah’s masters, her debut album not included.

Check out which Aaliyah songs are now available to download in the tracklist below, with a stream of Ultimate a bit further down. There are some overlaps with Age Ain't Nothing But A Number and other songs, such as "I Don't Wanna," which was featured on the Next Friday soundtrack, but for the most part these are new to online listeners.

Aaliyah's Ultimate Tracklist

1. “One In a Million
2. “If Your Girl Only Knew”
3. “Hot Like Fire”
4. “The One I Gave My Heart To”
5. “Got to Give It Up”
6. “4 Page Letter”
7. “We Need a Resolution” Feat. Timbaland
8. “Rock the Boat”
9. “More Than a Woman”
10. “I Care 4 U”
11. “Try Again” Feat. Timbaland
12. “Back & Forth”
13. “Are You That Somebody”
14. “Don;t Know What to Tell Ya”
15. “Miss You”
16. “At Your Best”
1. “Are You Feelin’ Me?”
2. “Messed Up”
3. “Come Back In One Piece” Feat. DMX
4. “I Don’t Wanna”
5. “Man Undercover” Feat. Timbaland
6. “John Blaze” Feat. Missy Elliott
7. “I Am Music” Feat Timbaland and Static Of Playa
8. “More Than a Woman” (Bump N Flex Club Mix)
9. “Hold On” Feat. Timbaland and Wyclef Jean [Dedication To Aaliyah]

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