If you're like me, after a weekend of shoveling a heavy ten-plus inches of snow, you're thinking, 'I better get used to this, winter is finally here.' Maybe not. 

After a nice dose of winter, the temperature trends for the next couple of weeks are actually going to shape up a little beginning this weekend.

Grand Rapids led the snow total list over the weekend with 10.3 inches, but the models for the next couple of weeks indicate a warming trend.

After a couple of cold days Monday and Tuesday, temperature trends start heading in a warmer direction, eventually getting into the high 30s by Saturday and Sunday. The week after that shows possible 45 degree days as the warm up continues.

The bummer in all of this? It probably will stay pretty cloudy, and we'll get rain instead of snow.

But the way I look at it, every warm day as we stumble towards spring is okay by me.