This is the type of feel good story we love to hear about! The Allegan County Fairgrounds are always a special place during fair season, and this year was no different.

The 170th Allegan County Fair took place September 9-19, 2022 and was filled with fun games, thrilling rides, and every fried food imaginable. Thankfully one of the most magical moments at this year's fair was caught on camera!

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On Saturday morning west Michigan mom Amanda Wykstra posted in a local Facebook group asking for a favor, saying:

Good morning Allegan County! This is a long shot, but my son Connor erupted into full dance mode on the Midway last night at the Fair. I was so overwhelmed that he had attracted such a crowd that I didn't think to take out my phone to record his moves. Did anybody by chance get a video?

Amanda and her teenage son Connor, who has down syndrome, were visiting the fair on Friday when the rhythm struck Connor and he had to bust a move. Unbeknownst to them, the folks waiting in line for one of the amusement rides were about to get their very own personal Connor concert!

Social media users were quick to react and were thankfully able to track down the video footage. People really seemed to get a kick out of Connor's performance! Here are some of the reactions:

  • "We were able to see him bust a move and everybody's reaction to him was awesome. Even the fist bumps and handshakes when he was done. Absolutely awesome!" - Jim Frost
  • "These videos are some of the best I’ve literally ever saw. Just in his zone, vibing, having a good time and everyone is supporting him. So much love and positivity!!" - Summer Rose
  • "That’s awesome! Thanks Connor for teaching us all to live in the moment" - Bob Bevan

I am literally getting choked up right now. We need more souls like Connor in the world! In an effort to spread positivity not only in Allegan County, but across the globe, Connor now has a TikTok profile. I look forward to seeing many more videos of Connor in "full dance mode" in the future! Check out his profile here.

@con_man2005 First post!! Follow me for more content! #dance#fair#downsyndrome#downsyndromeawareness#fyp#love♬ Rolex - Ayo & Teo

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