Remember the Alpine Manor Murders of the late 1980s? One of the killers has been set free.

According to WOOD, Catherine Wood is one of two women that were convicted of killing several elderly patients at a nursing home in Walker has been set free from a federal prison in Tallahassee, Florida.

Wood is expected to move in with family in South Carolina.

Wood, along with Gwen Graham, murdered at least five patients and possibly seven more but were only convicted of the five. Both women were nurses' aides at the Alpine Manor Nursing Home. Wood claims she was the lookout while Graham would suffocated the victims.

Families of the victims tried to stop the parole board in September of 2018 from granting Wood parole but a judge ruled she should be released.

If you'd like to learn more about the case and the story behind the murders, check out this episode of the "You're Killing Me, Grand Rapids" podcast.

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