Let’s start off that I’m surprised anyone EVER orders a salad at McDonald’s.  Are they the same people that order salads when you order pizza?

Now that I got that out of the way, 436 people have gotten sick from a parasite they got when they ate a salad from McDonald’s, according to WWMT.

WWMT says the CDC reports the cases of Cyclospora infection were reported here in Michigan, as well as, Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Montana, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

WWMT reports that so far no one has died from the parasite, but at least 20 people have been hospitalized.

You know it’s funny, with all the recent food recalls, and just stories about fast food… French fries have never been a problem.  #FrenchFries2020

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