None of us ever want to be sick, and none of us ever want to have to go to the doctor because of it (the doctors don't want that either, really. They want you to be healthy!) But now, Spectrum Health is doing something to make being sick a little easier.

Have a cough, or the flu, or maybe some sort of weird rash? You don't have to schedule an office visit or hit up Urgent Care for those things anymore. MedNow has changed the game.

Basically, MedNow will connect you with a doctor or care provider through technology. You can use it from your smartphone or computer, and either have a video chat (think FaceTime or Skype) or an online message exchange to get help with what's ailing you.

After they've helped you out, the details of your visit will be shared with your primary care provider. Super simple.

One of the best parts? MedNow is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Video visits cost no more than $45 and may be fully covered by your insurance plan. You can schedule your MedNow appointment by calling 844.322.7374 or using your MyHealth account.

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